Datacolelction v2.1.0 (11/06/2021)

  • Changed profile data collection to Twitter API and updated profile database.

Report Template v1.1.0b (4/3/2021)

  • Fix title generation function.
  • Fix languages typos/case.
  • Fixes differential values in header.
  • Corrects the relative decrease statistic.
  • Topics statistics are now for the spread of misinformation and fact-checks together.
  • Fixes missing topic in bar chart (vaccines should now appears in the bar chart).
  • Fixes error in how top rows are selected in tables.
  • Changes the way number of fact-checks are computed using only the unique fact-checking URLs rather than the associated reviewed URLs.
  • Updates map counts using only the fact-checking URLs.
  • Corrects circle map bug.